ojas 8

ojas8 standard

english follows below.

日々、自然豊かな南房総 館山と東京、全国各地を行き来しているライフスタイルの中から生まれるヨガプロジェクトが ” ojas 8 “(オージャス・エイト)です。


プロジェクト名 “ojas 8″:

ojas 8のロゴはgentle wavesの澤匡章さんにつくっていただきました。海に漂うロータスがロゴになりました。gentle wavesブログ


“ojas 8″ is a yoga project inspired by the lifestyle moving between Tateyama, a town rich with nature and Tokyo, a big city.

It’s been more than 1 year, since I’ve started guiding yoga.  As I study about yoga, I’ve got to know that Yoga is a subtle but huge world filled with great universal ideas that make us happy.  How can we translate the great wisdom accumulated for over 5000 years into the 21st century?  How can we maximize the wisdom to make us happy and sparkling?    I would be happy to share some opportunities to get to know more about the wisdom and how to utilize the perspectives.   I update this blog from a traveller’s eye moving day to day between a town with rich nature Tateyama and a big city Tokyo.

Ojas 8 project: Ojas is an Ayurvedic concept of fundamental energy of life.  Though we can keep and increase ojas by proper diet and healthy lifestyle, we can not increase 8 drops of ojas  given by mother when we were born.  They are gradually decreasing and finally vanishing when we pass away.   How brilliant the concept of 8 ojas is!  Ojas 8 is named with thoughts that this project can share seeds to take care of your 8 drops of ojas.

ojas 8 logo is designed by Masaaki Sawa-san, gentle waves.  Motif  is lotus flowers floating on the ocean.  gentle waves blog


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