breathe deeply and enjoy 2015 !

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English follows:



日々忙しく時間に追われている私たちは、不必要にエネルギーを消耗しています。そんな私たちに必要なヨガは、ゆっくりとフローして、消耗せず、栄養を巡らせるようにエネルギーを循環させて、クールダウンしながら生命力を引出していくようなヨガなのではないか、と考えています。必死にやるでもなく、甘やかすでもなく、ほどよいところを探して自分をあやすようにおこなう「Lunar Flow」をさせていただいているのもその理由から。今年も引続きShaktiがテーマとなります。一見静かに見える動きの中に、すごいエネルギーが巡って生命力がみなぎっている、そんなことを追求していきたいと思います。*Shakti:


I think that YOGA is to condition myself to balance body and mind.  Surf is to play with power of the Earth.

In 2015, my yoga theme was “Shakti”(Life Force).   Shakti is also referred to as Hindu Goddess.  Even great gods can’t complete without their Shakti, wives. This concept is close as Yin Yang of China.  Shakti is a Yin aspect out of the concept.

We unnecessarily consume energy in our daily life by being pressed for time.  I think that we need a slow-flow yoga to circulate energy and nutrition like blood so as to uplift our life force without consuming energy.  “Lunar Flow” is  a yoga to treat yourself like cradling  not to clench teeth nor spoil yourself.  “Shakti” is continuing to be my theme in 2015.  I will try to find a way to circulate energy passionately in a calmness.

As for surfing, I started using a 5 “9 short board later last year.  I adore the gracefulness of long boarding, but now I like riding on a short board to feel directly the power of waves.  I’d like a 7 feet thin mid-length as well!  I’d love to enjoy all types of the surf boards, long, mid and short,  in response to conditions of the waves! 🙂


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